The Starting Line

Take The First Step On Your Journey Towards Reaching Your Goals

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the R stand for in the logo?

Retreats, Rehab, Resources.  All of the above. We started as Starting Line Retreats, and have grown to include exercise rehabilitation and advice regarding nutrition, goal setting, and other health and fitness issues. 

Can I pay off the Retreat Investment?

Yes, absolutely.  We require weekly payments of an agreed amount, that will result in the full amount being paid within an agreed timeframe.  Just email one of us to discuss the options. 

Do I need to see a physio before I can start working with The Starting Line?

We prefer that client's work with a physio prior to seeing us, if they have suffered an acute injury. We are happy to discuss the options though.  A lot of our rehab clients come to us for other issues that don't require physio care, such as menopausal weight gain, chronic injury pain and weakness, weight loss or general fitness goals.  

Do I need fitness equipment at home?

No, not at all.  Your workouts are designed around what you do have, and your goals. Workouts can be designed for completion at home using bodyweight only, home gym, gym, or outside using the environment. Getting fit doesn't have to cost a lot of money.  We also have some equipment that we can provide for personal training sessions.  

What happens if I miss a scheduled appointment for Personal Training?

If you provide plenty of notice, and we are able to rearrange our schedules, we are happy to cancel the odd appointment. However, if we get short notice, or no notice of cancellation, we may still charge you for that session, to cover our time and travel. 

Can I get a discount?

Personal Training - We provide a 30% discount when training two or more people in one session.  This means that the price per session per person, drops from $35 to $25. We try to keep our prices as affordable and accessible as we can, without devaluing our services and our time.  

Retreats - Early bird discounts are available, please see the Retreat Investment tab for details on specific retreats. 

Who do I contact?

You can email either of us at:, or For personal training and group fitness classes, Janet covers Otautau and Riverton areas and Tammy covers the areas around Edendale and Woodlands.  Other areas considered if there is enough interest. 

Do I need to be fit to start?

No. We work with all levels of fitness and abilities, and work with you to reach your goals.  

What's involved in a nutrition plan?

We ask you to complete a 3 or 5 day diary, to get an idea of what your current energy intake is like.  This information is analysed, and suggestions given to you regarding your dietary intake depending on your goals. We also provide our KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Nutrition and Goal Setting information. We don't tell you exactly what to eat on a meal by meal basis, but help you to understand the effect different types of food has on the body, so that you can make informed decisions that cater to your own tastes and preferences.